Cerellion/Siofra RP

Cerellion let loose a heartfelt sigh as he slumped down onto the cushioned chair at the inn.  It was one of the most prestigious in the city, a mark of the favour granted them by the Lords of Waterdeep.  A servingman swept in with a tall crystal glass filled with a ruby red wine, placing it before him, placing beside it a plate steaming from the freshly prepared meal upon it.  Cerellion thanked him, before taking a sip of the wine, smiling in pleasure at the clean, tart taste to it.
The door opened and a leopard stalked into the inn. At first glance, one might take it for Tan, but this leopard had a more reddish hue to its fur and it was definitely larger.  It sat in the doorway for several long moments, gazing around with the air of inquisitiveness before the feline gaze settled on Cerellion. The large cat staled over to the mage and sniffed him over. Apparently whatever it scented satisfied it, for the leopard sat down and STARED at Cerellion fixedly.
Cerellion gave the cat a tolerant look. “I don’t know what you may be thinking, but rest assured it does not include any of this venison.  If you are here for Siofra, I am certain she will be happy to indulge you.”
The leopards ears perked forward and a deep and rumbling purr emerged from its chest for a long moment.  Either it was working Cerellion over for the venison, or it was in fact there for Siofra. The big head butted against Cerellion’s leg insistently.

Cerellion snorted. “Do I look like a druid to go sappy over something with fur?  I intend to savour this meal, being as I have had to deal with trail rations for far too long!  Go upstairs and find your lady if you want someone to wrap around your paw.”

A deep laugh emerged as the leopard smoothly became a rather tall-for-an-elf man. His hair was as long as Siofra’s or longer, a deep and firey red and carefully made into thousands of braids all over his head and bound with wooden beads at the ends.  He *looked* like a druid, in leather and barefoot, and he had several green oak leaves stuck in his braids, seemingly at random. He plopped himself into a chair across from Cerellion and grinned. “If I went up the stairs, I’m afraid it’s my lady who would have me wrapped around *her* paw, and in fairly short order too. You must be Cerellion.  I’ve had letters.”  The druid stuck a hand out in a friendly way.

Cerellion sucks in a breath through his nose, staring at the man, before shaking his head and taking the hand. “That I am.  And you are?’ He said, tucking back into his meal after.

The druid’s friendly grin never faltered, though he took note of the breath and the stare. If anything, the smile gained a note of sympathy.  “Linn Amneholme,” he answered. “My friends call me Oak and if Herself has said anything about me at all, that’s probably the name you heard.”

The druid glanced over to the inkeeper and waved a hand. “Whatever he’s having looks fantastic, I’ll have one too!”  Glancing back at Cerellion he chuckled. “It smelled too good as a leopard to resist.  I caught a scent of Siofra on the wind and I’ve been prowling through inns ever since. I was beginning to think I’d never find all of you.”  His face went serious. “Is she okay? Are all of you? I’ve been worried sick since I got her last letter. It was some time ago.”

Cerellion looked at him for a longer moment.  “Tan is dead.  Slain in the final battle against the Twilight.  And she has mentioned you, though not much.  She can be a private person.” He says this matterof factly, though there is a ghost of pain in his eyes at the mention of Tan. “Other than that, we are all fine.”

“Where did you meet Siofra, by the by?”

Oak’s eyes close, pained, at the news about Tan. “Two companions she has lost in such a short time.”  He speaks a short phrase in Druidic, and while Cerellion certainly can’t understand it, he might recognize it as the same that Siofra spoke over Tan’s body herself.

“I met her,” he answers after a moment, “in the grove in Waterdeep after she arrived here the first time. She’d come to the Goddess’ grove several times and I decided that it was time I meed the only other druid I’ve ever met with a leopard.  I’m afraid my tricks are limited – I walked up to her as a leopard and stuck my head in her lap. She thought I was Tan and talked to me for quite a long time before realizing I was playing a trick on her.”

“You met her much sooner than I, I think? Though I do not know how.  She speaks of you as a good friend.” Oak watched Cerellion thoughtfully.

“We met in Cormyr.  On a mission to cull some orcs from the King’s Forest.  I had set out alone, and met up with them on the path into the forest.  My luc, since I cannot think I would have fared well on my own.”

Oak snorted. “Mages are generally to be feard in most situations, if they choose to be fearsome. I do not know all of what you have just accomplished, of course – and unless the rest of you choose to reveal what I do not already know, I will not ask. But you would not have come back if you were not powerful in your own right.”  Oak leaned his chin on his hand and watched Cerellion closely, apparently trying to decide whether to say something or not.

“You have the urge to speak written on your face.” Cerellion observed, pushing his finished plate away, and taking a hold of his wineglass.  “Please, do not restrain yourself.”

Oak sighed and leaned back, toying with a bit of venison on the end of a knife.  Finally he looked Cerellion dead in the eye. “She is very easy to love, isn’t she? You hide it very well. But I know my own feelings when I see them.”  He propped one bare foot up on his chair and slung an arm over his knee. “If I’d realized, I’d have left you alone and gone sniffing up the stairs instead of adding to your burden.”
Cerellion just looked at him for a long moment, before sighing and giving a crooked, slightly bitter half smile.  “Just as well you are one of the few to piece that together, I suppose.  I am not used to being so, transparent.”
“You’re not overly transparent, actually. One man in love knows another.  I am sorry for you, but for Siofra I’m glad. I couldn’t have wished for someone to watch her back better than someone who loves her as much.”Oak returned the crooked half-smile. “What happens now, hm?”
“I believe she has made her choice clear.  Rest assured that I will not muddy the waters for you.”
That wasn’t precisely what I meant.”  Oak chuckled a bit. “I meant, do you plan on staying around, coming over to visit and so forth, or will this be painful for you, so that you feel you must remove yourself from her life?  I do not mean to press you to one or the other, brother, but I would like to know, so that I can ease this – for you, should you stay and for her should you go.”

Cerellion shrugs. “I intend to stay in the city, to study.  I do not think she would take it well if I avoided her, nor would I want to.  In either case, I would want to be sure she is well.  I am, after all, very fond of her.”

Oak nodded, and then extended his hand a second time. “I like you, mage. I may not be the person you were happiest to meet on your return, but I hope eventually we’ll be friends.”

“One can hope.” He said whimsically, taking his hand in turn.

Oak nodded and then stood. “And now, my friend, I hope you will pardon me.”  He glanced up the stairs and then back to Cerellion. “Enjoy your meal. I hope we will meet again soon.”  The druid was suddenly a leopard again, one that flicked a feline wink at Cerellion before lowering his nose to the ground and heading unerringly up the stairs for the individual rooms.

Cerellion watched as the cat leapt up the stairs, and then sighed.  “Innkeep!  More wine, if you please.”


Varek – Action Shot

The cool sea breeze sighed as it eased through the room. Varek lay on a bed in the center of the room, breathing slowly as he slept. A small gust of wind moaned around the house, masking the slightest creak of shutters, and the stealthy tread on the floor. Two patches of darkness slid into the room, moving with exquisite caution, moving to stand over the bed. Slowly, they withdrew two vials from within their cloaks, and uncorked them, unceremoniously dumping them on the figure on the bed.

The reaction was immediate. Varek’s eyes snapped open, in time to catch the sight of the two assassins dropping their vials, and pulling daggers from their belts, striking downwards at him. He had the slightest of moments to twist awkwardly, taking a gash to one shoulder and side, blood spurting forth to cover the bed. He rolled over his shoulder, taking another slash to his back as he did, his feet thumping to the floorboards. As he back stepped to the weapons rack in the corner of the room, he heard the whooshing roar of fire starting, and an orange glow seep in around the window.

The villa is burning, some part of his mind contributed, but he was focused on the matched pair of assassins, now moving around his bed to corner him.

One laughed. “You die now,” he said, the words thick with a Tian accent.

Varek smiled thinly, as his hands fell on the head of the morningstar. “Not today.” He said, before chanting a short invocation.

Instantly, thick darkness rose rose from the weapon, boiling forth like steam, or fog, filling the room with a supernatural darkness. The last thing they saw before all went dark was their prey’s eyes, suddenly gleaming with a horrible golden glow.

“Death comes,” came the voice again, an unsettling reverberation in it’s depths, and a sound very like the crackling of the growing conflagration outside.

They charged into the darkness, only to be met with the keen edge of a blade.  Death came swiftly indeed.

Cerellion – Eleint 4th

Eleint 4th

Cerellion watched as Siofra walked through the long grass back towards the fair grounds, the sound of her skirts switching through the grass fading away into the air. For a long time he sat there, he sat staring at the complex equations defining his next spell, eyes blind to their form, lost in thought. A stray breeze whispered by, ethereal fingers dancing on the pages, and flicking them over, revealing what had been hidden behind.

A startlingly well depicted drawing of Siofra, her hand resting on the neck of a unicorn, the faintest suggestion of tears in her eyes, and a look of radiant, exultant joy spread across her face. Cerellion sucked in a breath, and closed his eyes. He remained like that for many more moments, as dusk gathered around him, before returning to himself. With a quick exhale, he held the drawing up to the light, looking it over once more, before snapping his fingers, and tossing the sheet away. A small flame kindled on the corner, and the wind whisked it away swiftly, taking it beyond his sight.

Gathering up his spellbook, he walked back towards the room they had, forcing his mind down other tracks. A tower, the seer had seen. A place where their enemies congregated? In these inhopsitable climes, it would be rare to see many fortifications of real stone. That could well narrow down their search. He would have to inquire amongst the townfolk. And with the ringmaster. In his travels, he may well know of such a place.  A task for tomorrow though.

Neth 1st – Varek

Neth 1st

I am twice a failure now. Milani, strengthen me. I have led a blameless, innocent woman to death and failed to save a worthy dwarf through my carelessness.

I led the forces of the Oni to Midori’s door, and her selflessness brought my troubles down on her head. Thinking to save her and her family, I fled with her. And now she lies dead in the ground of a strange land, far from her kin, because I was too focused on the threat posed by some simplistic cultist.

If I had gone to her, I might have been able to save her. She would still be alive right now.

And Dared. He was stricken by a spell, and ran from the room. When the dire wold we faced fled, I did not give thought to the wolf and he meeting up. I should have. The presence of another there might have saved him. We were more than enough for the threats left in the room. I was stupid. Slow.

Milani, if I cannot help those capable of defending themselves, what purpose will I serve to those who are helpless?


What use am I?

Varek – Lamashan 30

Lamashan 30

Thank you Milani, for strengthening me in these trials, and warding my body and soul from the touch of the wolf. With your grace, I will free those in duress, and avenge them on their captors. Please watch over those children still held in this dungeon, and speed us to their rescue.


A lot has happened. Midori and I have survived the voyage across the sea, and arrived, eventually, in a town known as Falcon’s Hollow. We arrived amidst other travellers, and when turning to the local bar to gain our bearings, we discovered the town was afflicted by some malady. A local herbalist was bemoaning the lack of the proper supplies, and so several of the travellers, Midori and myself included, volunteered to venture into the forest, and obtain them.

From that moment, it has only become more convoluted. It seems a group of children from the town had been playing in the woods, and were kidnapped by some kobolds. I recall being somewhat more aware of the dangers life presents than these children, but nevertheless, we are undertaking to free them.

And our party members. It has grown quite a bit. First, Dared, a dwarf. A particularly stout and mighty individual, he is worth his weight in gold in battle. Canny and brave, he has more than earned my regard over the last few days. I hope we can remain in company after this excursion.

Then there is Elzak, and his familiar Merle. He rarely speaks, but has proven helpful in identifying creatures, and with his casting. Merle, on the other hand, chatters a great deal. If we can take it as a representation of the master, then I do not think we need fear him. Since I cannot, I will remain watchful.

Then there is our guide, Barkan. He also refrains from speaking overmuch, but has been helpful and loyal. I take that he is not the most welcome individual in town, with which I sympathize greatly. And if what he says is true about Falcon’s Hollow and the leaders therein, I think a reckoning must occur.

Weston, our firearm user. He is a dhampir, and apparently one set against his progenitors. I approve greatly. He also has not shrugged away from anything. I think he is trustworthy. Must note, if we remain in company, to see about ways by which he can regain his vigor.

And Balezra, who joined us just this day. Her hands are a disturbing sight, and she does not seem entirely sane, but again, has proven both useful and loyal.

I think we stand a good chance. Now, the party awakens, I will be freed from this cell, and we will await the arrival of Midori, whom we sent back to the town with the healing supplies.

Cerellion – Eleasis 23rd

Eleasis 23


Gods above and below, why is it that I cannot seem to function acceptably for this group? I prepare the most banal, useless spells. Beyond the most brazen and unsubtle evocation spells, I cannot seem to effect our foes in the most basic fashion.


It is absolutely infuriating.


I must further refine my knowledge. I must gather items to make my work harder to shrug off, devise ways to destroy my opponents, not through fire and force, but through manipulation of the very skeins of reality, so that none of their efforts will avail them.


We have the passage in the book written the Black Speech translated by the hag. Note to self, finding a primer on this language would be a most delightful find. Regardless, we have a clearer view of this ‘Dakum’, and Errit, his demonic lackey.


We have to find a key forged by the gods to seal away this evil, and either prevent it from falling into the hands of our foes, and hide it once more, or find a way to defeat the evil where the gods could not.


I suppose if things were easy, one wouldn’t require the magi for it. I shall have to research that further.


Siofra’s father found her in Waterdeep. That ones parent should meddle in their progeny’s life like that fills me with a cold fury. And in such a fashion, a hundred times worse than I knew.


Disgusting. Were she not somewhat taken with his ragamuffin appearance, of which I cannot help but think is a ploy, I would be tempted to teach the cretin a few things about the nature of power, and it’s responsibilities.


Note to self, enquire into the nature of his apparent fall, and its validity.


Farus wins renown for himself in the arenas of Waterdeep. Might be a useful asset to leverage into greater resources and contacts. Enquire into this as well.


Ramiel has reunited with his father. I wish their relationship well, and hope it grows strong. A good father is a treasure beyond gems.


We have lost yet another member, this time the Drow. I confess I will sleep easier with her gone. We picked up another person of the minstrel persuasion. Her glibness could use some work.


The hour is late. I can resume this at a later date.

Varek – Backstory

Varek Temerith

Born in Chu Ye in 7139 Imperial Reckoning, 4639 by Absolom Reckoning, in a small farming village outside of the capital of Jyito. Twenty six years before, the Oni had siezed the nation in the wake of the collapse of the Imperial Lung Wa. They slaughtered the human inhabitants of the country for a year before a particularly strong Oni warlord known as Tsuneni arose to power, clamping down somewhat on the excessive violence in the country. Bringing in the giants from the Nightford Mountains and the wild lands of Zi Ha to form his army, the humans now form a a slave class to their demonic overlords, ruled by a doctrine known as the Steel Dictate, a decree in which no human may wield a weapon. Weapons are for Oni and giants only.

He was born to a woman of Amanadar, trapped in the country at the fall of the former government, and the rise of the Oni, his father an unknown and presumably dead native. However, from that poor soul, he gained a terrible birthright. Amongst his ancestors, there lay the taint of the Oni, and Varek was born with terrible yellow eyes, with inhuman pupils, and a demonic tail. It was fortunate that the utter fear of the Oni prevented the villagers from killing the newborn babe, but it bought him no further favours. His mother wasted away at an early age, and Varek fled to the capital, even though it was a place of slavery, to reach a place where he could hide his unnatural ancestry.

He grew near to adulthood there, living in the slums of the ruined city, stealing what he could to get by. His life would have invariably been short, cruel and bitter, were it not for the intervention one day of a cleric of Milani. A pair of giants had picked the young Varek as their amusement, and were tormenting him. After all his attempts to flee had proven in vain, he had snapped, flying for the leader, biting and punching. After the shock of having one of their slaves get so out of hand, they set to kill the young tiefling. A passing man, however, came to his aid, swiftly dispatching both of Varek’s assailants in a flash of steel.

A bruised and bloody Varek awoke later, in the underbelly of the city, safe with his saviour. The cleric nursed him to health, expecting nothing of it. What he gained was a ferocious and zealous disciple. It took many years for Carethel Istillin, cleric of the Everbloom, to turn Varek away from his rough and tumble upbringings, and train him. Varek, however, did not lean toward the calling of the cleric, he longed to smite those who would defy his goddess, and enslave humanity.

Under the tutelage of Carethal, and the guidance of Milani, he grew into a formidable man, taking the path of the Inquisitor. Subtly, slowly, they began to set themselves against the Oni in Jyito.

They were not subtle enough.

One day as Varek returned to their hidden dwelling, his instincts screamed. It was all that saved him from the ambush of Oni soldiers. Cutting his way free of the press, he fled the city, and country. Carethal had told him of others like him, and given him a name to contact on the far continent of Avistan.

He found his way over the mountains down towards Goka, meeting and befriending a kitsune known as Midori after a near successful ambush. From their, the pair travelled on to Avistan, to flee the hunters on their tail.

Elysius 9th

Elysius 9th


I am a fool. I train for decades, honing my mind to anticipate any contingency. I study for countless hours, delving deep into the depths of arcana, and many other fields of study to wring every bit of knowledge that I can from the libraries of my apprenticeship.


And while that training has served me well, I find my tools to be lacking. Or rather, I have allowed my tools to be lacking. I identify the Fang Golem easily enough, but against it’s magical defences, I found myself useless.


For my attacks, I filled my spellbook with flashy spells of fire and force. And they were as effective as sprinkling water on a forest fire.


I must diversify my spells. I must do better to prepare for the challenges ahead.



Elysius, 7th

Elysius, 7th.


Things grow curiouser and curiouser, here in human lands. The group I have fallen in with appears to have found itself mired in a great deal of trouble with what can only be described as a cabal of dangerous individuals whom they have thwarted with their destruction of a dragon meant to be beholden to Shar.

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Cerellion Flameweaver (Cerellion Aumitar)


Born Cerellion Aumitar on the seventh day of Flamerule, Year of the Staff (1366 DR) to the heir of a noble house of Evermeet, on harder times and the heiress of a family, wealthy, but of the lesser nobility. Born after the Time of Troubles, there was little trouble his younger years. Though his parents marriage was an arranged one, they were happy together, and shared that love with their only child.

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